ZeMKI Research Seminar on "Digital Traces"

In the summer semester 2016, the Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research (ZeMKI) of the University of Bremen organises a scientific lecture series on a current media phenomenon

In the age of digitalization and continually increasing Internet usage, also the volume of online usage data grows. Data traces that remain makes it possible to analyse media usage behaviour for a broad range of various purposes. Asscociated are highly different interests: Intelligence and law enforcement agencies store and analyse digital traces, for instance, for purposes of public security, companies usage data traces, for instance, to personalise advertisting. However, also science expects new insights on the transformation of media use of the analysis of digital traces.

In the summer semester 2016, the ZeMKI organises within the context of its research seminar a lecture series with renowned researchers from the Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States on the opic "Digital Traces". The series is part of the research of the Creative Unit "Communicative Figurations" which is supported by the German Universities Excellence Initiative by the German federal and state governments.

Date Lecturer Topic
21. April 2016 Dr. Bernie Hogan (Oxford Internet Institute, UK) The evolution of personal network capture: From recall to trace data and back again
19. Mai 2016 Prof. Dr. Jean-Christophe Plantin (London School of Economics and Political Sciences, UK) First as an infrastructure, then as a platform: how digital maps illustrate the politics of knowledge in the age of big data
2. Juni 2016 Prof. Dr. Stefania Milan (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands) TBA
16. Juni 2016 Prof. Dr. Martin Hand (Queen's University, Canada) Digital Traces and Personal Analytics: contexts and practices of engagement with temporal data about the self
30. Juni 2016 Prof. Dr. Daniel Anthony McFarland (Stanford University, USA) Sociology in the Era of Big Data: The Ascent of Forensic Social Science

The lectures takes place at the ZeMKI, Linzer Str. 4, Room 60070, 28359 Bremen, Germany.

The opening lecture by Dr. Bernie Hogan from the Oxford Internet Institute deals with personal networks and their analysis. His talk will give an overview of two recent collaborative efforts to rethink the capture of personal networks through the use of new technology: "CollegeConnect" and "NetCanvas". Hogan will report on the successful use of these tools and provide methodological guidance on how to integrate new technologies while preserving both ethical compliance and interviewee consent. Further information on the presentation can be accessed here.

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Hosts of the lecture series on "Digital Traces" are  Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp, Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter and Prof. Dr. Thomas Friemel.

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