Communicative Figurations in the field of politics and the role of face-to-face communication

Kommunikative Figurationen im Feld der Politik und die Rolle von Face-to-Face-Interaktionen

Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Frank Nullmeier

Project Assistant:Dr. Tanja Pritzlaff-Scheele

The subproject aims to systematically investigate the role of face-to-face communication in the political field. In the face of the rapid development and dissemination of new communication technologies, which are not tied to situations of co-presence, the question arises as to why and to what extent face-to-face-communication is still needed in the field of politics. Which transformations in face-to-face interaction in politics occur when the new media (mobile phones, Twitter, etc.) become part of them?

Within the Creative Unit, the subproject will use experimental research on political decision-making, building on the Nowetas research initiative (together with Prof. Kittel and Prof. Traub). The experimental studies (making use of Prof. Traub’s laboratory) will generate hypotheses on the differential influence of communication media on handling collective decision-making problems (distributive questions, public-good decisions).

Research Field: Field


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