Mediatized Localities of Urban Communities

Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp

Project Assistants:Piet Simon, Monika Sowinska

Early research on media change and mediatization shared the thesis that an increasing communicative connectivity would result in a loss of relevance concerning “locales” and “localities”. While it quite quickly became obvious that this thesis is insufficient as a general assessment, it remained an implicit reference point of much research in the field of digital media and communitization: For the most part, questions of “online communities” were the focus of this research. In contrast to this, local communities remain central in the lives of most people – but these local communities are increasingly mediatized. The aim of the sub-project is to take these considerations as a starting point for developing research instruments for investigating the communicative figurations of mediatized local communitization. Comparative case studies on processes of media-related local community-building in different generations (young people, comparing elderly) shall help to develop an approach for a more comprehensive investigation of that topic. On the one hand, we analyse data with reference to urban communitization from a project on mediatized everyday worlds of translocal communitization that is part of the priority research program “Mediatized Worlds”. On the other hand, we conduct studies on mediatized communitization localities (venues, public spaces and arcades, cultural institutions, etc.). As part of this project “researching learning” is applied as a testing of media-ethnographic mapping of such mediatized communitization localities in the city.

Research Field: Relationship


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