The irritations-coping nexus in the communicative figurations of middle class life

Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Uwe Schimank, Dr. Ute Volkmann

Project Assistant: Dr. Juliane Klein

For some years now, the life-style of the middle classes has been subjected to manifold irritations which have to be coped with. This occurs in communicative figurations where, on the one hand, the societal media ensemble is both the transmitter of irritations as well as source of additional irritations; and, on the other hand, an individual’s media repertoire is an important context factor of coping practices. These complex interrelationships of irritations, coping, and mediatisation are explored in case studies for all spheres of middle-class life, and for four clearly distinguished sub-groups of middle-class couples with children: couples with high economic and cultural capital, with low economic and cultural capital, with high economic and low cultural capital, and with low economic and high cultural capital. Exploratory interviews will be conducted to find out, first of all, what precisely are the central irritations and related coping practices (we suppose, among others, irritations with regard to work and the labour market, intimate relations, and education of the children to be of high subjective priority), and secondly, by which types of questions valid and reliable empirical data about these irritations and coping practices can be collected. 

Research Field: Individal


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