Digital extracurricular learning and educational practices of adolescents (2018-2021)

Principal investigators: Prof. Dr. Karsten Wolf (ZeMKI, Uni Bremen), Prof. Dr. Christian Pentzold (ZeMKI, Uni Bremen)

Beteiligte Einrichtungen: ZeMKI, Uni Bremen, RWTH Aachen

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Duration: 2018-2021

The joint research project studies the digital extracurricular learning and educational practices of young people. Its interdisciplinary and triangulating four sub-projects focus on practices that are geared towards both curricular topics of formal school education and vocational orientation as well as towards the more interest-based knowledge and skills of leisure. To combination of projects from general didactics, media education and pedagogy, communication and media studies as well as specialized didactics allows for a comprehensive perspective on explanatory videos and tutorials. They are especially prominent on video sharing platforms like YouTube where they are extensively used by teenagers and young people. In addition, the project also examines the content and educational dimension of adolescent communicative repertoires in order to describe and analyze the variety of individual and collective practices of extracurricular learning, professionalization, and self-enhancement.