Research Software MeSort and MeTag

DFG-funded software development

The digital media diary and sorting applications MeTag and MeSort are being developed at ZeMKI in Bremen as part of the DFG project "The sustainable provision of software for research on cross-media practices and digital traces". Both will serve to collect and evaluate data on cross-media practices and their digital traces.

MeSort is a sorting application that will be used to provide different sorting schemes for different research purposes.

MeTag and the corresponding evaluation tool MeTag Analyze is a flexible media diary application, which is especially designed for the use on smartphones of the test persons and therefore close to their everyday life.

If you are interested in one of the two apps or their further development, have already gained experience with similar applications or would like more information on this topic, please contact us. You can also follow the project on ResearchGate and subscribe to our mailing list.

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