New research article by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Kammerl and Michaela Kramer (University of Hamburg) on the influence of a changing media environment on socialisation processes in families.

The article by Rudolf Kammerl and Michaela Kramer is published in the academic journal “Studies in Communication Sciences”. Abstract:

“The change of our media environment generates new topics for social research. Trends in media development like an increase in connectivity, mobilization and differentiation have far-reaching consequences for socialization processes: the blurring of social interactions, role shifts and spatial extension are only a few of them. In this article, we focus on consequences for media socialization in families and examine potential transformations of family as socialization agent against the background of mediatization. In a synopsis of theoretical approaches and empirical results, we want to give an overview of the current perspectives and discuss future challenges for research.”

The article can be accessed here.